UMA is focused on the future of changing innovations in the osteobiologics, sports medicine allografts, synthetic biologics, and regenerative biologics sectors.


All bone used comes from an American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) accredited tissue bank. Each donor is rigorously screened in compliance with AATB standards and FDA regulations. UMA allograft products include:

  • Cancellous crushed
  • Cancellous cubes
  • Cancellous block
  • Unicortical dense cancellous block
  • Llium bicortical plug
  • Unicortical dowel
  • PLIF castled
  • Cortical ring castled
  • Femur section
  • Demineralized bone matrix
  • Demineralized bone crunch


Synthetic biologics

Sterile synthetic bone graft, purified and resorbable collagen, excellent biocompatibility, Best source for orthopedic and spinal surgeries. UMA synthetic biologics products include:

  • Bi-ostetic granules
  • TCP in collagen matrix
  • Bi-ostetic granules


Regenerative biologics

Allograft derived from amniotic tissues donated during live healthy Caesarean sections. The characteristic and structural properties of the amniotic membrane, fluid and cells are preserved. UMA regenerative biologics products include:

  • Resorbable adhesion barrier
  • Dry resorbable adhesion barrier
  • Viable tissue matrix