Our service offerings are designed to meet the goals of the healthcare community as well as create successful, long lasting partnerships. Our expertise is based on our extensive experience in the industry. We provide training and surgical supply consulting services, training and billing services for our distribution network and manufacturing business partners. We are committed to providing the most reliable products and services in the industry.


Introducing augmented reality

Augmented reality, or AR, is a cutting-edge technology that assists healthcare organizations to engage with their patients in real-time, whether they are at work or home.

In its simplest form, AR overlays digital information such as a video, on a physical object such as a magazine. The user views the additional interactive content through their smartphone or other handheld device.

The healthcare applications are myriad: AR can be used to provide supplementary post-operative care instructions in video format for patients who scan their discharge documents. The technology can also be leveraged to remind patients of their upcoming appointments, or display a 3D rendering of their implants.


Concierge-quality service

Our efforts in the spinal implant and biologic segment of the market allow us to merge our expertise and clinical backgrounds to address the emerging trends in the industry. We educate the staff on the safe and effective use of suitable products, practices and therapies. It is our mission to provide the healthcare provider or institution with the best options for the most favorable outcome or result.

Our unique concierge-styled service provides a bridge between the medical professionals and medical equipment companies. This ensures our clients make the most practical purchases. Our educational and scientific support helps to create cohesion between the medical professionals, patients and equipment companies.

A vertically-integrated supply chain

UMA recognizes the challenges faced by purchasing managers in the healthcare community—obtaining the best values possible for the healthcare facility while ensuring that patient safety and infection control issues are the priority. Service providers have hired clinicians as staff, to coordinate the acquisition of products using their own expertise or in some cases, the expertise of the hospital’s medical staff. This may not be most cost effective approach for the hospital’s needs.

UMA’s vertically-integrated business philosophy has several core benefits that include support of cost-effective improvements in the acquisition and implementation of products and services, more control over the entire flow of goods until they reach the service provider and the benefit of lower costs.

Product and device recommendations

Collaboration between physicians and the medical device industry is vital to creating innovative and cost effective products and therapies that can impact the lives of our patients and healthcare institutions. UMA teams with affiliates and physicians to find new ways to improve the surgical design of current products on the market. We specialize in advising on the most cost-effective and practical method of using surgical devices and equipment.

Partnering to provide unique clinical insights creates opportunities to identify new and improved avenues for the comprehensive development and patient care and prudent fiscal policy. Our wide variety of product offerings allows UMA to objectively provide the optimal solution that can result in a reduction of the amount of medical waste and economic loss.